[VIDEO] Top 5 Tips for a Better Brain

Mar 21, 2019

What if there was just one thing you could do to maintain your emotional well-being?

What if this one thing also helped you manage your relationships, your quality of work, and your mental clarity in the long-term?

Just imagine if you could simplify all the health advice out there when it comes to fine-tuning your performance, and your day-to-day feelings of clarity and vitality…

How do you think this could affect your professional and personal life?

Well, this is where your brain health factors in.

Researchers agree that maintaining optimal brain health yields noticeable, and almost immediate benefits for our bodies. And as with every dominant mechanism in our body, the brain needs to be taken care of and nourished to enhance our quality of life.

Considering the fact that the body houses the brain, the good news is we can directly influence our brain health by taking of our bodies.

Simple enough?

If you would like to see some powerful ways you can feel younger, be stronger, and improve your quality of work at the same time, keep reading…

Your Perfect Morning Routine

Meditation is well-known for keeping the mind focused while helping your negative thoughts vanish.

That’s why learning to meditate properly is important for us as we grow older, because this practice improves memory, reduces anxiety and increases our feelings of well-being almost right away.

Don’t have enough time to meditate? Start with just 5-20 minutes every morning to feel focused and alert as you begin your day.

As an added bonus, research shows that drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning also helps creates synergy along with meditation because this brew combines coffee with MCT oil, which helps in creating more ketones in your body to directly influence your brain functioning.

Making these practices a habitual part of your life also help with clearer vision, positive thinking and enhanced performance.

Exercise more consistently

Exercise is the ancient therapy that keeps many ailments at bay. And you don’t need to start rock climbing or sign up for a cycling marathon to reap the rewards!

Whether it is walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, yoga or just hitting the gym for resistance training, the important thing is to be consistent in order to enjoy all the health benefits from body, up to your brain.

On top of becoming stronger and feeling younger, exercising consistently also increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BNDF) which increases the connections in your brain cells to rebuild new, healthy cells, which even prevents Alzheimer’s. (Research shows that regular workouts are also more effective in treating depression than anti-depressants!)

How often and how long should we exercise every week? About three or four times a week would do the trick.

Experts insist that exercising three or four times every week for a period of forty-five minutes per workout will yield prime results. If you’d like to kill two birds with one stone, opt for a walk when you go to the neighborhood grocery store instead of driving, or walk around the office for about ten minutes when you have been sitting for over two hours.

Choosing the right supplements

Taking the right supplements also help boost our wellness that leads to prime brain performance. Of course, it’s confusing for us when it comes to finding the right supplements for us, that work the best for us, and that won’t break the bank…

For maintaining ideal mental health, it is necessary to get methylation support from B vitamins and folate so your brain can build and maintain healthy neurotransmitters. Omega 3 fatty acids are also essential to good brain health, however supplements are never a full replacement for incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Keep your brain and body nourished

We’ve all heard it before…

The first lesson to a proper diet is incorporating the right food groups for a healthy body. Did you know that this extends to maintaining a healthy mind as well?

It’s true, and aside from what the majority of health publications might tell you, proper nourishment shouldn’t be complicated.

Here’s a simplified way to maintain healthy nourishment and stay consistent:

  • Start a medium size plate
  • Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits
  • Fill up the remaining half with three quarters of proteins like lean meats and fish, then the remaining fourth with carbs.
  • To avoid energy crashes, make sure you maintain a good amount of healthy fats, veggies and proteins.

When it comes to calorie counting, you should keep it simple as well! Get most of your calories from proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and avoid sugar as much as possible. Plan your meal schedule each week, and avoid eating late at night to keep a healthier and leaner stomach.

Reset your system

Like every high performing apparatus, the brain needs to be rebooted from time to time.

Meditate often, treat yourself to a steam room or a sauna occasionally, and consider using ice baths once in a while. Combining these strategies with regular exercise helps burn off stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, and helps your brain to regularly ‘reset’ itself to optimal functioning.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brain boosting information!

To your health,

The Healing Miracle Team

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  1. Lois Moore

    He talked too fast, and didn’t clearly enunciate all the things he was talking about

    • THM Team

      Hi Lori,

      The video is hosted on YouTube so luckily so you control the speed using the settings button near the lower right corner of the video. Hopefully that helps 🙂


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