CASE STUDY: Trick Your Brain To Look & Feel Years Younger in 5 Days Or Less

Dec 31, 2018

As you may know, we are committing ourselves to living our most vibrant lives in 2019.

12 months from now, we want to be able to look back and say, “yes, we lived it to the fullest.”

However, we cannot do this alone. With your help, we can make a significant impact for not just ourselves, but the ones we are closest too as well.

What if we told you that YOU have the ability to help your family and friends feel, look, and act decades younger?

AND, what would you say if we could support this “what if” with credible, well researched evidence?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, in our brand new anti-aging book, Vibrant Glow: The Secret To Visibly Reversing Your Age With Stem Cells, we go in great detail on this full study and reveal how you too can go from physically limited to playing touch football in a matter of weeks.

…Yes, the seniors participating in this study actually end up playing a touch football pickup game.

AND, as a special new years gift for you, here is that full study for you to enjoy:

Look Younger, Feel Younger: Proven by science

(Excerpt found in Chapter 2: What is Anti-Aging?)

This may be one of the most interesting things you learn in this chapter, so read this story closely. Science shows that when your brain sees you as your younger self, it actually starts to react as if you are actually younger.

It pumps out different signals to your body, telling you that it’s time to be energized and strong, instead of time to wind down and rest. If you get a stem cell treatment to rejuvenate your skin, you’re not just doing it to enjoy looking younger… you’re also going to change how your brain treats you.

In fact, there have been multiple clinical studies done on something called the “counter clockwise” effect, which shows exactly how this works… and how dramatically your body can change in response.[2]

In the autumn of 1981 (before 70 became the new 50), eight men in their 70s were brought as volunteers to a converted monastery in New Hampshire for a groundbreaking study designed by a pioneering psychologist named Ellen Langer (who is now, somewhat unsurprisingly, Harvard’s longest-standing professor).

The elderly volunteers shuffled forward, a few of them stooped over by the pain of arthritis, a couple with canes. When they passed through the doors… they entered another time. This monastery was designed carefully to be the men’s home for five days, as they participated in this unique experiment.

Perry Como sang sweetly on a vintage radio. Ed Sullivan chatted away to his tv audience on a black-and-white television. Everything inside – including the books on the shelves and the magazines left out to read – were designed to bring on the feeling of actually living in 1959.

The subjects were in relatively good health, but ageing had begun to wear away at their bodies. Before arriving, the men were assessed on various quality of life indicators such as dexterity, grip strength, flexibility, hearing, vision, memory and cognition.

Langer predicted their numbers would be quite different after five days, when the volunteers emerged from what was to be an intense psychological intervention.

Not only was the monastery designed to bring them back in time, but these elderly volunteers were actually treated like they were younger.

For example, when they arrived, they had to bring their things up to their rooms on their own, even if they could only carry one shirt at a time.

There were no mirrors in the house, so there was nothing to visually show them that they were elderly. Everything around them kept affirming that they were their younger, healthier selves.

After 5 days of the volunteers living as if they were in 1959, and being treated as such by the staff and researchers, something truly miraculous happened.

They all started acting, feeling and looking younger.

Not just on a lifestyle level, but on a biological one as well. At the end of their stay, the men were tested again. On many points, they outperformed a control group that came earlier to the monastery but didn’t imagine themselves back to their younger selves – they were just encouraged to reminisce about younger days.

These fully-immersed-in-1959 men became more supple, showed greater manual dexterity and sat taller – just as Langer had guessed. There was also an unexpected change — their sight improved.

Independent judges even said they looked younger. These volunteers, Langer said, had “put their mind in an earlier time”, and their bodies went along with it. A spontaneous touch-football game even erupted among these formerly frail seniors while waiting for the bus to leave. It was truly astounding.

Imagine what would happen if YOUR brain saw a younger version of yourself in the mirror each morning.

In 2010 [3], the BBC broadcasted a recreation of this experiment, which Langer consulted on, called “The Young Ones” with six aging former celebrities as guinea pigs. Their focused time period was 1975.

A volunteer who could barely put on his socks without help ended up gliding around a dinner party he was hosting, full of energy and interest. A man who came in sitting in a wheelchair left walking with a cane.

There’s a reason this works. They didn’t get any surgeries or drastic physical interventions. It comes down to the mind.

When our brains think that we are younger, we begin to experience life as younger versions of ourselves. This is more than positive thinking – it is an actual change in our biological reality.

Stem cells can do so much more than make you think you’re in an earlier time, like in this experiment. You would actually look younger, which would actively tell your brain that you ARE younger.

Not only that, but if you also use stem cells to rejuvenate your body, you would gain a level of resilience and strength that most people only get to enjoy when they’re young.

What would you feel like if you were greeted each morning by a younger, healthier reflection of yourself in your mirror? What would you do with more energy and focus? How would your life change if your mind was telling you it was time to get out, to have fun, explore? You’d feel limitless.

It doesn’t stop there. Stem cell treatment does so much, in a gentle, natural way. It works with your body’s natural healing abilities instead of trying to shock it or make huge, forceful changes, the way surgery does. Not only would you look younger, but the stem cells can actively repair parts of your body without invasive surgeries… with long-lasting results.

You wouldn’t have to go through months of long, painful recoveries. People who have stem cell treatments can often go right back to their normal lives the same day.

What could you accomplish with a healthier body and a mind that believed you were younger? People who get these treatments have an answer:

Anything you darn well please.

Pretty incredible, right?

After reviewing thousands of survey responses from stem cell enthusiasts and Healing Miracle supporters (just like you), we found that using stem cells for anti-aging and aging in general, was the second most sought after bit of information.

So, to kick off 2019 in the best way possible, we have put together an anti-aging and rejuvenation guide for you called  Vibrant Glow: The Secret To Visibly Reversing Your Age With Stem Cells.

In Vibrant Glow, we cover:


  • All of the options available to you with stem cells for looking and feeling younger (and some you might not know about!)
  • The 8 dangers in anti-ageing facial products
  • Exactly what to expect at each stage of the process, from finding the right practitioner to how the experience feels, to the recovery — week by week
  • The controversy and comparison behind stem cell treatments and cosmetic surgery
  • 5 secrets to using stem cells to reverse the effects of ageing
  • How to find the right stem cell specialist to take your rejuvenation further
  • And much more..
This new eBook is FILLED with cutting-edge research on stem cells, how stem cells are used to make you look and even feel decades younger. This is your guide to living 2019 like you’re in your twenties once again.

Click Here To Live
Your Youngest Year Ever

We hope this serves you well.

To your health,

The Healing Miracle Team


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