The Link Between Your Gut and Healthy Skin

May 6, 2019

Good Skin From Within

The story is all too common. You have the perfect skincare routine, the best lotions and potions, you keep up to date all the latest tips and trends, but you still have issues with your skin.

It’s not your fault, trust us. It’s your gut’s.

The skincare industry would love for you to believe lotions and potions will give you great skin. In fact, they sell billions of dollars in products that make big promises but don’t deliver. We’re not saying to skip moisturizer, we’re saying the real issues with skin lie deep down.

If you want healthy skin, it starts with your gut microbiome. Yes, beauty literally begins from the inside out. If you have struggled with acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition, you know firsthand how frustrating, uncomfortable, or embarrassing they can be. These conditions can seriously affect your quality of life.

When you stop and think about it, this gut-skin connection actually makes a lot of sense. Your skin is the lining that interacts with the world around you, while your gastrointestinal tract deals with everything you eat, breathe, and swallow.

The foods you eat are metabolized and by-products from food breakdown are directly available to your skin. This is why what you eat has so much influence over your skin’s appearance.  We like to think of your skin as a window into the health of your gut.

Functional Medicine And Skincare

Functional medicine practitioners have actually found that acne and many other skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema as inflammatory disorders of the autoimmune spectrum.  Healing any inflammation or disorders of the gut can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of the skin as they’re incredibly connected.

Psoriasis, for example, has a similar pathogenic pathway to chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.  Skin is external but its quality and presentation are created on the inside.

Here are a few reasons that great skin starts in your gut:

1. A skin flare-up can be an intestinal flare-up in disguise. For the past 80 years, dermatologists have been studying the skin-gut connection. What’s happening in your gut is linked to skin inflammation. It’s important to find out what’s influencing how your intestines function so that you can regulate your skin.

2. Digestive issues are linked with dry skin. Hear me out. Research shows that right foods can provide health benefits to the skin as well as the gut. But how do you know what’s right food for you. This is where Viome comes in. It analyzes your gut microbiome to tell you what the right foods are for you but more importantly what foods to avoid and why. Researchers are now finding clear connection between skin problems and abnormal bowel movements.

3. Acne is linked to leaky gut. Gut inflammation weakens the skin’s role as a protective outer barrier. Underlying the issue of acne is gastrointestinal health as researchers have long discovered that people with acne face also face distress in their digestive system.

How To Heal Your Skin

The bottom line is this – if you’re struggling with your skin, stop wasting money on creams, lotions, and other topical treatments.  It’s likely that your problem is your gut!

Everyone’s gut microbiome requires a unique diet. Through testing tens of thousands of microbiomes, it has been found that one man’s food is another man’s poison and what you need is an individually tailored diet that works just for your microbiome.

So what’s the solution? Learn more about your microbiome.  Sign up for the next screening our docuseries INTERCONNECTED for free, online.

Simply click here to register for a free screening, learn about your gut, heal it, and start down the path of healthier, clear skin today.

To your health,

The Healing Miracle Team

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  1. Martha Beristain

    Can’t wait!!!!

  2. trent

    So all those teenagers have leaky gut ?

    • bea

      maybe not, however they probably lack a lot of the essential microbiome that is the building block involved in the proper digestion of nutrients

  3. Julie

    When I was eating foods from a box, within minutes my stomach would break out into a rash and sometimes with welts and my skin would flake right away like dandruff and it would burn. My whole body felt like prickly needles. Now that I don’t eat dairy, or foods with wheat or chemicals, basically organic and fresh, I don’t have that problem. The minute I do, I know that “product” was not good. Eating cleaner has definitely been a lot better for my skin…..hands down. Eat non GMO, organic foods and it will change and eat as fresh as possible. Juice. I love all these little golden nuggets of information. Thank you.

    • THM Team

      Glad you enjoyed the series. Thank you for your support and encouraging words.

  4. Yvette Kuziel

    How can you individual heal gut by watching documentaries?

    • THM Team

      We recommend that people do their own research along with watching the docuseries to figure out what works best.

  5. Celia

    I have Rosacea and have noticed when I eat carbs my face breaks out.

  6. Linda

    I think this is great. But – can you please please produce this information aimed at teenagers. My grandchildren both eat well at family meals but also loads of junk.
    When I chat to them they say they will sort their diet out later to shut me up.

    • THM Team

      Thank you for your suggestion. We will share your feedback with the production team.

  7. Janet Meah

    My skin problems began as I discovered I had Hashimotos – under-active Thyroid autoimmune disease. I recognise that I have had underlying issues concerning this problem infection all my life. I think it might have even been the cause of my autoimmune disease. My gut and digestion is undoubtedly a factor relating to my compromised health. I look forward to learning more as I try to unpick my health timeline and heal myself

  8. Jorge

    Quite good information

  9. Phillip Salazar

    I have celiac disease and chronic asthma chronic contact dermatitis on my hands and fingers, plus eczema that I suffer so badly with I need help desperately I’ve been to several dermatologists and only want to give me is ointment and creams that are full of steroids that have so many side effects please help me.

    • THM Team

      While we are unable to make specific recommendations about your personal health, the experts featured in The Healing Miracle have created a Stem Hotline to provide more personalized answers. It can be found here: or you can call Toll Free 1-888-414-7836 to answer the question, “Are Stem Cells Right For You?” They can connect you with a stem cell specialist in your area to help you find the solution that works best for you.


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