Stem cell treatment recommended to free you from pain

Aug 28, 2019

Nancy Singletary was living life to the fullest until the arthritis and pain began.

She had always been a hard worker, but constant long hours at the hospital took its toll. Also, Nancy had been involved in a car accident before. Now, after years of chronic pain, long shifts and physical stress, she had a painful arthritic condition.

Singletary looks fine on the outside, but she mentioned that it was an uphill climb against chronic pain each day. When asked to rate the pain of her osteoarthritis, Nancy says ‘I fluctuate between 7 to 10’.

Movement became restricted due to the constant pain in her low- and mid-back, and shoulders. The surgical technician’s plantar fasciitis made it hard to walk around. The auto accident left Nancy with a herniated disc which caused excruciating pain.

To cope with the condition, Nancy goes to hot yoga class and follows an anti-inflammatory diet. Her will and philosophy has always carried her through life, but when it became increasingly difficult to do even the simplest tasks, such as vacuuming, climbing stairs, walking, and carrying groceries, she knew that it was time for more.

Nancy was resigned to the fact that her condition wasn’t going to get better. Then, an invitation from Heller Healthcare came, inviting her to a monthly seminar that outlined the practice’s functional and regenerative programs and services.

Singletary was hesitant at first, but then she figured that she had nothing to lose by attending the event. There, she got more than she expected. The Brunswick staff outlined their newest programs, which included innovative stem cell treatments and how it has been successful in the last 3 years.

Nancy then wondered if she could be freed from her painful condition. The stem cell program sounded like the perfect treatment that could bring unprecedented relief from arthritis. She made up her mind and arranged for a free consultation so she could get a closer look at the programs.

She proved to be an excellent candidate for regenerative joint healing using stem cell therapy due to her chronic condition. Because Nancy was suffering from debilitating chronic pain, the staff at Heller came up with an aggressive plan that included medical massage, stem cell therapy and gentle chiropractic sessions. Timed right, the program may allow the body to regenerate and heal itself, even for severely arthritic patients.

Heller Healthcare makes use of HUCTs, or stem cells that come from Human Umbilical Cord Tissue. These HUCTs are collected with consent from healthy mothers who give birth to healthy babies. The stem cells within an umbilical cord are far greater in potency and quality compared to those collected from adults. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to do invasive surgery since the stem cells are immediately available.

HUCT stem cell treatments are more affordable than other therapies, and is an out-patient procedure at Heller Healthcare. Specialists inject stem cells right at the problem area, and within twenty-eight hours the cells will have targeted the damaged and inflamed tissue, differentiated, and began the natural healing and regenerative process. This continues for about three to four months, where damaged tissues and joints get replaced by new, healthy ones produced by the stem cells.

Rehabbing, massage, and additional chiropractic procedures are then implemented to enhance the results and bring about a faster regeneration.

Nancy agreed to have stem cell injections on all her problem areas. The procedure was painless, quick and largely considered an out-patient session at the Brunswick facility. Singletary’s arthritic knees, neck, low back, feet, and hands were assessed then treated using stem cells. The results were impressive.

Nancy mentions that Heller Healthcare has been wonderful on all aspects. The staff, offices, and the practice overall works hard and the procedures flow smoothly.

After just 4 weeks of injections using stem cells, Nancy feels like she’s been given a new life. For instance, the surgical technician is no longer bothered by excruciating ‘7 to 10’ pain. She mentions that the pain is still there, but it’s no longer as painful or as lengthy. With the treatment, the full extent of the results won’t show up until 4 months later but Singletary says that she’s 90 percent pain-free.

Nancy recommends people who are considering stem cell treatment to not wait and live in pain, because help is available.

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The Healing Miracle Team

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  1. fco costan

    how much cost the treatmet? i have severe neuropathic pains after a terrribel encephalitis in 2012

    • THM Team

      While affordability is subjective to the individual, a network of stem cell specialists is available to answer the question, “Are Stem Cells Right For You?” at They will have more information on the costs associated with the various treatment options. As with many innovations, as it becomes mainstream practice, costs will likely reduce. Costs will vary with each treatment center and the specific treatment required.


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